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Los Hunos's Projects

Service Design, Commons Problems, Learning, Social


Solving problems related to learning and promove the social relations.


Business Model Canvas Image icon Business Model Canvas.jpeg Business model
Winner - Prototype: Fa-board. Image icon fa-board-01.jpeg, Image icon fa-board-02.jpeg, Image icon fa-board-03.jpeg, Image icon fa-board-04.jpeg, Image icon fa-board-05.jpeg, Image icon fa-board-06.jpeg, Image icon fa-board-07.jpeg, Image icon fa-board-08.jpeg, Image icon fa-board-09.jpeg, Image icon fa-board-10.jpeg Documentation of prototype
Prototype - Meet your friend. Image icon Prototype 03 - Meet Your friends.jpeg Other
Prototype 02: Fa-board. Image icon Prototype 02 - Fa-Board.jpeg Other
Prototype 01: Help Us. Image icon Prototype 01 - Help Us.jpeg Other
Customer Journey Map. Image icon Customer Journey - Antes.jpeg, Image icon Customer Journey - Durante.jpeg, Image icon Customer Journey - Después.jpeg Customer journey