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The game of perspectives - reaching the goal through chaos


A game for businesspeople to find out solutions through chaos

Lead question once:
How can we make the definition of the vision of a pioneer understandable through chaos?

Lead question now:
How can we create a method, with which we can produce an interruption and lead to a solution as a result of it?

How the game works:
- player enters the game with three perceptions about his business (reason: pre mindsetting)
- player needs a case or some kind of mission, why he plays the game for example: Getting feedback about a new product.
- player also chooses a mode: wellness, adventure, horror. In the adventure mode for example, he is not allowed to choose out of the 4 characters which are described later.
- a coach takes the player by the hand and judges his stories and perceptions.
- player gets a vooklet in which he fills in his name, name of coach and the three perceptions he brought into the game. Later, he ha sto document the perceptions which he has won by chatting to the coach while OASE-break. (described later)

- player is being led through the game step by step by rolling the dices
- there are 3 fields, on which he steps: green or red questionmark and some free-fields.
- If he steps on the green questionmark (red questionmark is a fictional, sometimes nonsense allegation, free space--> nothing happening) , he has to take a card with a motive, like a pirate flag for example. Now there is some time given to him to think about a fictional story which includes his case and the actual piucture. (in the action mode, he has a limit of 2 minutes of thinking about the story, and 2 minutes of describing his story to one randomly chosen character of the 4.<-- roleplay with the coach, who leads through the game and especially the missions)
(- If not in adventure mode: Next step: he chooses out of 4 characters (egoist, helpful hero...).)
- The coach decides, if the player could convice with his story. if there are many AHA-points in the discussion which happens between player and coach in his role, he hands out between zero and 3 reward-bricks to the player.
- 5 of the reward-bricks can be shifted to a special card called "oase". With that card, he can get a time-out which is a break of the game. In that break he gets a cup of coffee or something. Coach asks about the feelings of the player. goal of the break and the chat with the coach (coach is leading the talk) is to reach as many perceptions as possible.
- For every perception he gets a star-sticker for his booklet and has to write in each perception in one or two sentences.
- game continues until he reaches the end of the game board OR he has the feeling to have enough perceptions. (finds out about it by chatting with the coach)
- GOAL is, to have enough receptions to be able to complete the core story text.
- Player leaves the game with a changed mindset. As a memory, he gets the booklet. (documented perceptions)


additional picture Image icon _H161447.JPG Documentation of prototype
03/04: documentation booklet Image icon IMG_20170219_140620.jpg Documentation of prototype
03/03 documentation booklet Image icon IMG_20170219_140609.jpg Documentation of prototype
03/02: documentation booklet Image icon IMG_20170219_140600.jpg Documentation of prototype
03/01: documentation booklet Image icon IMG_20170219_140552.jpg Documentation of prototype
02 4 characters Image icon _H161449.JPG Documentation of prototype
01. Case-examples Image icon _H161451.JPG Pitch presentation
00. Game board Image icon _H161446.JPG Pitch presentation
THE Question Image icon IMG_20170219_101426.jpg Insights
Being in the prototype loop Image icon 1M0C9183.jpg Insights
Jammed at Service Jam Bregenz.

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