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Neigbourdhood Embassy

social innovation, social, cities


Nowadays there are more and more people socially "fallbacked" for different reasons, and they feel lonely. They just need a little push to reconnect with their closest people in their neighbourhood.
The Neigbourdhood Embassy:
- Detects influencers in the neighbourhood in bars, local shops, hairdressers and churches.
- Trains them to detect these people and to deal with them.
- Organize events to make these fallbacks participate in neighbours meetings.
- The neighbourhood, in a natural manner, socially iimproves and all neighbours become more engaged and involved in the society.


Jammers at Callos Service Jam, in Noreña, Asturias, Spain.


Neigbourdhood Embassy Video Movie icon Pitch presentation
Jammed at Callos Service Jam.

Team members