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Digital Sister

Increasing confidence where it matters.


Our objective was to develop a tech driven solution to increase autonomy for individuals with vision loss. We defined autonomy as self-confidence and decided design a system to increase self-confidence where it matters.

So, where does it matter?

We looked at a variety of daily activities including shopping, going to a doctor’s appointment, and using a public restroom. To help drive our research we headed out to the internet for lack of direct access to our population.

What we found was Julie Woods of New Zealand who talked on her blog about needing her sister to go grocery shopping due to its complexity. What if she could do this alone?

To answer this question we began to identify both the process of moving about different environments (e.g. home, car, store) and what tangibles were needed to assist (e.g. shopping cart, sensors to detect movement and location, an app to download store layout, and compare desired items with where they are and if they have been acquired.


Room Test:

Store Test:


Final documentation PDF icon Digital Sister_ATLSJ.pdf Pitch presentation
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