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Removing barriers to communication


A service to address barriers


Video of pre-prototype from 1st evening before meeging groups Movie icon trim.5EC67089-B823-4EA8-A95B-CD4DCC7D423F.MOV Documentation of prototype
example of app and option choices Image icon service app.JPG Pitch presentation
example of app and option choices Image icon service app.JPG Pitch presentation
Presentation board to accompany roleplay of service Image icon preparing for feedback.JPG, Image icon preparing for feedback2.JPG, Image icon preparing for feedback3.JPG Pitch presentation
Our working, interactive prototype Image icon IMG_1949.jpg Documentation of prototype
Complete app journey board Image icon Storyboard.JPG Customer journey
Ewan starts work on prototype Image icon Ewan starts work on the prototype.jpg Documentation of prototype
Ewan starts storyboarding the app... Image icon Ewan storyboarding the app.jpg Customer journey
Idea review Image icon Helen reviews our idea board.jpg Other
Its a smartphone of course! Image icon Its a mobile phone of cause!.jpg Documentation of prototype
even more personas! Image icon personas3.jpg Persona
More Personas Image icon personas2.jpg Persona
Personas Image icon personas1.jpg Persona
Behaviour/characteristics, pain points, needs/goals, opportunities Image icon IMG_1932.jpg Documentation of prototype
Who, what, how sketch to clarify service delivery Image icon IMG_1931.jpg Documentation of prototype
Plotting the service ideation Image icon IMG_1930.jpg Pitch presentation
Show and tell on Sat Image icon IMG_1919.jpg Pitch presentation
Service Safari in the City Image icon IMG_1906.jpg Insights