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Meet local people and create your own city highlights map


It is app for travellers which allows you to meet locals (city ambassadors) and based on their recommendations, you can create a collaborative map that encapsulates your preferences and route(s) to follow.


We are Albert Image icon IMG_1187.JPG Other
Fun and Unready presentation Movie icon trim.D4B7AFE7-11EA-4110-9E0E-782BC0E601AE.MOV Pitch presentation
Insights and interpretations Image icon IMG_1186.JPG Insights
Prototyping Image icon IMG_1175.JPG, Image icon IMG_1176.JPG, Image icon IMG_1176.JPG, Image icon IMG_1178.JPG, Image icon IMG_1179.JPG, Image icon IMG_1180.JPG, Image icon IMG_1181.JPG, Image icon IMG_1182.JPG, Image icon IMG_1183.JPG, Image icon IMG_1184.JPG, Image icon IMG_1185.JPG Documentation of prototype
Problem Image icon IMG_1174.JPG Other
Reason why Image icon IMG_1173.JPG Other
Earth - our persona Image icon IMG_1831.JPG Persona