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Belly Rubs, Space Ships and Stone Age Raves.

Be More Cat! #BellyRubChallenge


Would you eat a restaurant on your own? What about going to the cinema? Or to a gig? We're here to break the stigma around doing things on your own!


Service users engage through online community Image icon Screenshot_20170219-143429.png Pitch presentation
#BellyRubChallenge on social media Image icon Screenshot_20170219-143227.png Pitch presentation
Latest Prototype Image icon IMG_20170219_142643.jpg Documentation of prototype
- Image icon IMG_20170219_142547.jpg Other
- Image icon IMG_20170219_142542.jpg Other
Prototype 2 - Challenge card example Image icon IMG_20170218_192249.jpg Documentation of prototype
Belly rub - prototype 2. Challenege cards + box Image icon IMG_20170218_192231.jpg Documentation of prototype
Belly Rub Cards - prototype 1. Test user completing challenge Image icon received_1877532825792122.jpeg Documentation of prototype
Belly Rub Cards - prototype 1. Test user selecting challenge Image icon received_1877532869125451.jpeg Documentation of prototype
Rapid speed brain dumping of ideas and concepts Image icon C49QsagWYAANs5J.jpg Insights
Research and brain dumping leading to potential concept of embracing aloneness by becoming a cat (metaphorically) Image icon C4-SjnZWQAAKhl1.jpg Insights
Participants from the Film Theatre stating that there is no judgement nor stigma against those who wish to visit the theatres on their on ... with a glass of wine Image icon C4887AIWcAAeru8.jpg Documentation of prototype
We did some birds eye observations of strangers who were both on their own, and in groups. Image icon C489NicWEAAyN6L.jpg Documentation of prototype
These are a few participants who engaged with Alex and Leslie and shared their experiences and opinions of the topic of Aloneness. Image icon C4887AEW8AATAh2.jpg Documentation of prototype
This is Alex and Leslie, our Aloneness companions who made it easier for us to speak and engage with people about the topic of Aloneness. Image icon C48clhXWQAAywAG.jpg Documentation of prototype
Interview: Respondent felt that there were situations where they would prefer to go without friends to be fully obsorbed in the moment...E.g a music concert or the cinema. Image icon IMG_20170218_123212.jpg Research data
Observation - people sat in groups in cafe are constantly distracted by phones. At some tables there are more devices than people. Image icon IMG_20170218_122520.jpg Insights
Observation - People sitting alone in cafe are distracted from the world around them by smartphones, books, laptops etc. Nobody is looking up at the activity around them. Image icon IMG_20170218_122211.jpg Insights