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Team 1

How might we increase human connection in an increasingly digital world?


Online dating, little white lies, F2F communication, long distance relationship, etc.


It's all about collaboration! Image icon IMG_5656.JPG Insights
I think we have some potential comic strippers!! We had a lot of fun creating different personas. Image icon IMG_0019.JPG Persona
Testing our first prototype on the streets! Image icon Testing .jpeg Research data
First Prototype Image icon prototype 1.jpg Documentation of prototype
Just moved to D.C. Image icon IMG_0019.JPG Persona
How might we make establishing new relationships comfortable for D.C. transplants? Image icon IMG_0017.JPG Other
"Maybe, in that instance, alcohol was my phone." Image icon IMG_0015.JPG, Image icon IMG_0016.JPG Insights
Discussing our research data and turning it into insights. Image icon IMG_0013.JPG Research data
Jammed at DC Service Jam.

Team members