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Map for navigating your priorities


Our service helps you to visualise your priorities and achieve your life goals and dreams.


Customer journey video animation Movie icon Customer journey
Ideation phase Image icon 20170217_201513.jpg, Image icon 20170217_201538.jpg, Image icon 20170217_210550.jpg Other
ideation / challenge Image icon IMG_1637.JPG Insights
ui prototyping Image icon IMG_1750.JPG Documentation of prototype
Lego Image icon IMG_1703.JPG Documentation of prototype Image icon new-01.jpg, Image icon new-02.jpg, Image icon new-03.jpg, Image icon new-04.jpg, Image icon new-05.jpg, Image icon new-06.jpg, Image icon new-07.jpg Documentation of prototype
Picture of the half ready BeMapp and customer taking own foto. Image icon image.jpeg Documentation of prototype
Business model canvas Image icon 20170219_124702.jpg Business model
How can I create a map already today? Image icon 20170219_114506.jpg Other
Prorotype by persona Marko 45 years Image icon 20170218_174446.jpg Documentation of prototype
BeMapp Lego Prototype Image icon 20170218_172159.jpg Documentation of prototype
Interviewing potential customers Image icon 20170218_113814.jpg Insights
BeMapp customer journey Image icon 20170218_174600.jpg Customer journey