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Focus Box - more than meets the eye


"Interpersonal communication breakdown" was our starting point. Out of this, we started to think about actual situations where this may have happened or could happen. Anything that came to mind that had something to do with social encounters. We realised that especially in today's world people in social situations are not really present - they are there but they are not really there. Why? Because they immerse themselves in another world via their smart phones or laptops.

Everybody has surely witnessed or is guilty of dabbling with their smart phone while being with somebody. Even in business meetings it is common to see people checking their Facebooks or e-mails. All of this prevents people from focusing on each other and actually talking with one another.

Our solution is: Focus Box! This is not just your ordinary "phone parking", where you leave your phone while you atteng a meeting. Focus Box has lots of additional features that enhances the social encounter: it shuts off network signal so you won't be distracted by incoming WhatsApp messages or Instagram notifications. However, phone calls do come through, so you can be reached if really needed. People who try to reach you via other channels get a return message saying that you are currently present somewhere else. This, we find, works to decrease communication breakdowns and prevent misunderstandings.

Focus Box also charges your phone and keeps it safe and within reach. Our field research showed that "out of sight, out of mind" is indeed true: people often check their phones because they are there. However, people are not ready to leave them very far away form themselves, which is why our Focus Box will be portable and can be placed where ever.

Focus Box is good for businesses as it enhances the concentration of people: they are not distracted by their phones, they can give their full attention to the people present. If we think about a business meeting, the Focus Box offers fantastic additions, such as creating a summary of the meeting which will be sent to each participant in a textual and audio format.

What people say and what they do or say are not always necessarily in line. This is why Focus Box has the necessary artificial intelligence to be able to capture the emotions and feelings of those present. By sensing feromones Focus Box makes a feelings summary of the meeting. This can give your business valuable information about the issue discussed.

Focus Box is easy to use, it has numerous features and it enables you to focus on the person and on the social encounter. It is safe and unhackable.


Video of Focus Box - GSJamHKI File IMG_1179.mp4 Pitch presentation
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Of course we also tried our prototype! Image icon 20170218_172336.jpg Documentation of prototype
Testing out the prototype Image icon IMG-20170218-WA0015.jpg Research data
In the field - interviewing people Image icon IMG-20170218-WA0021.jpg Research data
Trying different prototypes Image icon IMG-20170218-WA0023.jpg Documentation of prototype
Getting ready to go out into the field! Image icon IMG-20170218-WA0004.jpg Documentation of prototype
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