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Equipe 11

Tour With Me - Guided tours by people with special needs


We`re discussing Depression in the urban scnearios, the lack of real life interaction and compassion.


Bandeged (blinded) Touristic Walk at @Touristic bus station, Curitiba Image icon idea_432_1383_1323283557.1766_f9ZHP.jpg Documentation of prototype
Protótipo do Tour With Me - Visitas turísticas guiadas por portadores de necessidades especiais. Image icon Story1.png, Image icon Story2.png, Image icon Story3.png, Image icon Story4.png Documentation of prototype
Bandeged (blinded) Touristic Walk at @Jardim Botanico, Curitiba Image icon 10-08-11_9.jpg Documentation of prototype
Bandeged (blinded) Touristic Walk at @Largo da Ordem, Curitiba Image icon blind-walk-35271.jpg Documentation of prototype
Service Brand Image icon IMG_4056.JPG Insights
User Journey : Existing + Service for User + Service for Touristic Guide Image icon IMG_4050.JPG Customer journey
Service Brand Image icon IMG_4055.JPG Insights
João Andador - Johnny Walker Image icon IMG_4048.JPG Persona
Persona - Josiane Image icon IMG_4048.JPG Persona
5W 2H : What? Whose? Where? How? Why? When? How much? Image icon IMG_4046.JPG Implementation plan or roadmap
Updating our Plan Image icon IMG_4044.JPG Implementation plan or roadmap
Days #1 n #2 Image icon IMG_3992.JPG, Image icon IMG_3994.JPG, Image icon IMG_3998.JPG, Image icon IMG_4001.JPG, Image icon IMG_4005.JPG, Image icon IMG_4009.JPG, Image icon IMG_4011.JPG, Image icon IMG_4013.JPG, Image icon IMG_4015.JPG, Image icon IMG_4019.JPG, Image icon IMG_4024.JPG, Image icon IMG_4026.JPG, Image icon IMG_4038.JPG, Image icon IMG_4039.JPG, Image icon IMG_4040.JPG, Image icon IMG_4041.JPG, Image icon IMG_4042.JPG Insights