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Learn Bandit

Reach your learning objectives with fun and meet people that share the things you love to do


Learn Bandit is an application that matches users with specific learning objectives with knowledgeable persons which share the same free time interests. This way hurdles to actually get up and learn somethings new are removed by combining the study aspect with joint fun activities.
Learn Bandit is a facebook integrated app, which uses much of the existing facebook functionality like profiles, groups, messaging, ratings, calendars and groups.
Users enter their learning objectives, their skills which they can teach to others and their favourite free time activities. An algorithm finds matching profiles and presents to the user a list of candidates, who can support the user with their learning objectives and share the same free time interest. The user selects a matching profile and issues a contact request. After the people have actually come together, ratings about the quality of the learning experience can be submitted.
Learn Bandit simply makes learning more fun!


Learn Bandit Movie File Mein Film2.mp4 Documentation of prototype

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