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Staycation platform for people with little money


Ich bleib dann mal hier!


intro Thomas Image icon IMG_20170219_134527.jpg Persona
intro Niko Image icon IMG_20170219_134504.jpg Persona
intro Ricardo Image icon IMG_20170219_134536.jpg Persona
intro Britta Image icon IMG_20170219_134609.jpg Persona
feedack for prototype Image icon IMG_20170219_135929.jpg Other
Final Presentation of Balkon.Ja Plain text icon Link to video.txt Pitch presentation
on the way Image icon IMG_20170218_181029.jpg Insights
Screens Balkonia App PDF icon Balkonia_Screens.pdf Documentation of prototype
first idea Image icon IMG_20170217_214016.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
our group #thisishowwejam Image icon IMG_20170219_130701.jpg Insights