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Mental Reduction – The Timeout Cube

Learn about reduction as a new key value!


The "Timeout Cube" offers you the perfect instant recreation session throughout stressful moments at busy places. Leave everything behind which keeps you from reducing yourself to your own center.


Timeout Cube Movie icon trim.2486C085-C1BA-4002-9D39-E66691AF297E.MOV Documentation of prototype
Prototype presentation and testing! Rebirth? Image icon CIMG9843.JPG, Image icon CIMG9845.JPG Documentation of prototype
Presenting ideas Image icon CIMG9840.JPG Research data
Brainstorming the topic "Entscheidungsurlaub" Image icon CIMG9839.JPG Research data
Brainstorming the topic "Entscheidungsurlaub" Image icon CIMG9837.JPG, Image icon CIMG9838.JPG Research data

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