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How might we provide a way to save time and spend it with kids?

Help young parents save time and make their life easier. Keep calm and play more with your kids!


Application to help young parents to manage their time the most efficient way to generate an extra time to dedicate for kids:
- based on their location, profile, and interest
- topics ex: household, school, activities, free time
- analyse by special algorithm and AI technology
- based on detailed personal agenda
we could provide:
- management of your to do list
- prioritization
- smart concierge service
- solutions to outsource tasks
- tips
- connect to the community with similar profile
- collect points for each used service and receive playbox (toys, tickets,etc)
- save 1 hour or more each day


How it started? Image icon IMG_0369.JPG Research data
Walkthrough and pictures of the week end Movie icon trim.CD4C5ED1-0920-4EB3-8B28-8DAE9E3FF32E.MOV Documentation of prototype
Monica, the young mother Image icon 20170218_161550.jpg Persona
Timesaver pitch Movie icon trim.F90C7321-C338-4EAA-8CBA-B1E78960219D.MOV Pitch presentation
The team Image icon IMG_0367.JPG Other