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Connect to the local community

XPATBUDDY - let's get connected


Tandem buddy program for expats where local residents help you integrate in the local community. Show you around, learn you the local customs, help you with procedures etc.

In addition to our portal where you can find information about different local administrative paperwork, embassies, job offers, cultural activities... we propose you a location, called LUXPAT House, where you can meet new folks. These people are in the same situation as you, they want to know the country in an open space for everyone.

Furthermore, in this local you will find facilitators of our team that will guide you through your questions, stay, problems, or even help you to promote your event. In fact, you can also benefit from our expo corner, where you can expose different creations of your own.

Finally, thanks to our filter on our platform, you can find a tandem that corresponds to you and you might meet him/her in LUXPAT House.


storyboard Image icon IMG_20170219_145652.jpg Customer journey
USER EXPERIENCE File VID_20170219_145225_ABC.mp4 Pitch presentation
VIDEO SAMPLE OF USER EXPERIENCE File QUIK_20170219_150655.mp4 Documentation of prototype
The team Image icon 16649120_10210999232229486_5029757297892793962_n.jpg Other
Portal of XPATBUDDY Image icon 16830875_10211000443579769_646326338312107789_n.jpg Documentation of prototype
LUXPAT HOUSE Image icon 16649297_10211000443259761_5459247051295813940_n.jpg Documentation of prototype