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Empathy for Success project



Practicing empathy as a tool for professional success.

1) John, 48 - with a partner / wife, expat for 3 years, apartment in the city center. Works in the financial sector / sales. Hobbies: bike, poker, golf, smoking. Connections and relations: business people, colleagues, other expats, sport mates, clients, suppliers of services, family members.
Aspirations: to cultivate yourself through practice, intelligence, choice, time efficiency, success, role model - Tony Robbins, quality of life.
Perceptions: can shape his mind & can learn to be emphatic.
Quotes: "respect is not necessary to be empathic", "being emphatic is a choice", "empathy helps in negotiations".

2) Virginie, 45 - married with children, asylum seeker from Congo. Does social activities with ASBLs, plays a piano, traditional music. Connections: social workers, asylum seekers & refugees, associations, family and friends, public administration. Aspirations: work, more friends & to expand the community, future for kids, to help others, to connect through cooking & activities. Perceptions: integration, tolerance, cultural exchange, to connect different nationalities for better future and peace. Quotes: @adapt to his/her taboo", "diversity is a key".

How might we promote practicing empathy as a tool for professional success:
- training & exchanging knowledge
- practical experience
- corporate culture
- games, fun, activities
- education

We decided to focus on the idea of the promotion of empathy in the corporate culture (Persona 1 - John) through an Empathy Label called "Empathy for Success".

We created an online platform to run the service.
Prospective client signs up for the service.
Existing client finds the logo of his company and logs in.
They can check how their company is rated in terms of empathy level. A test can be taken to asses it if the information is missing for a customized experience.
Once logged in, each user can create a personal profile and to start the adventure of the Empathy Challenge Strategy:
1. Become E4S superhero:
- create your profile on E4S platform
- respond to the quests in order to get points
- upgrade your profile with points gained through different tasks
2. Respond to the new challenges:
- connect with your colleagues
- create a team based on activities that appear on your account
- get ready for the new challenges together!
3. Teams contest (within a company or beyond)

You will also receive pop-up emails with small tasks that will bring you and your team additional points!

-> -> Congratulation! You became an empathy angel! <- <-

Expected impact of the project: significant increase in empathy levels in corporate culture, team & capacity-building, stronger connections, friendships and more fun in your every day working life! :)

Thank you for your interest and please check the photos for more information! :)


Prototype E4S online platform step by step... Image icon 16833123_10154528386191051_281855366_o.jpg Documentation of prototype
Presentation of Empathy 4 Success to a Prospective Client Image icon 20170219_150538.jpg Pitch presentation
Interviews Image icon 16833111_10154528227431051_1826635500_o.jpg Persona
Ideas for a service... Image icon 16880278_10154528227311051_1121078060_o.jpg Service blueprint
How might we... Image icon 16810853_10154528227341051_211796835_o.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
Ideation process.. Image icon 16880411_10154528227471051_1059018341_o.jpg Research data
What if... Image icon 16777118_10154528227271051_1559205235_o.jpg Insights