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Virtual reality travel experience

Do you want to travel without any constraints?


What if there are no time, money, language etc. constraints but you are still travelling and exploring the world....
Imagine you walk into a room and it's like you walk into a new country- India! You will feel like in India, you see it by your eyes and all other senses. The smells of spices, the taste of tikka masala, the catchy Bollywood songs & typical rush on the streets. You feel the heat of sun warming your face, you feel the sea breeze in your hair...


Ideation, Persona, What if...?, How might we...? Image icon IMG_2494.JPG, Image icon IMG_2509.JPG, Image icon IMG_2510.JPG, Image icon IMG_2513.JPG, Image icon IMG_2515.JPG, Image icon IMG_2516.JPG, Image icon IMG_2517.JPG, Image icon IMG_2518.JPG, Image icon IMG_2519.JPG Research data