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"O" - How fun it is to get lost!

The unexpected journey of discovery


We created an app to help people see how fun it can be to get lost. Lost in order to find their "O".


Final prototype in action on the streets! Movie icon trim.74D593EC-1310-497A-9E4F-24FA92BCFF38.MOV Documentation of prototype
Presentation of our prototype Movie icon trim.425FFC14-15EB-4859-BAC3-419FEB1EDD24.MOV Documentation of prototype
User interviews Image icon IMG_0638.JPG, Image icon IMG_0639.JPG Research data
Information assembly Image icon IMG_0627.JPG, Image icon IMG_0629.JPG, Image icon IMG_0656.JPG, Image icon IMG_0654.JPG, Image icon IMG_0655.JPG, Image icon IMG_0649.JPG, Image icon IMG_0644.JPG, Image icon IMG_0641.JPG Other

Team members