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Chelsea Project

Taylor Headphones


How might we elevate the sound experience, so that bike riders can travel both safely and comfortably.

Unlike normal noise cancelling headphones, which cancel out annoying sounds of the city and replace them with desired audio, the Taylor Headphones also ensure that important safety and instructional sounds can still pass through to the user. This is especially useful for the walkers and bikers of the city. Additionally, it can be integrated with Citi Bike's disposable helmets in order to provide extra security to new bike riders.


Prototype Image icon IMG_0194.JPG Documentation of prototype
Diagram of desired/undesired sounds Image icon IMG_0189.JPG Other
Stakeholder Map Image icon IMG_0192.JPG Stakeholder map
Personas Image icon IMG_0190.JPG Persona
Pain Points, Features, and Benefits Image icon IMG_0191.JPG Implementation plan or roadmap
Problem Statement Image icon IMG_0188.JPG Other