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Ditmas Park

The Mystery Team Meal


Communication in modern times has gradually shifted away from real life. Our focus is on the work environment. How might we lower communication barriers at work, so that team members feel more connected?


User Journey Image icon UserJourney.jpeg Customer journey
Opportunities Brainstorm Image icon Opportunities.JPG Research data
Research Data Image icon Research Plan.JPG Research data
Background shows details of the research and opportunities to focus on. Image icon ProcessShot.JPG Implementation plan or roadmap
Prototype Testing 02 File PrototypeTesting_02.mp4 Documentation of prototype
Brainstorm concept that lead to prototype design Image icon brainstormConcept.JPG Documentation of prototype
Affinity 2x2 Matrix of Research Data Image icon affinityMatrix.JPG Research data
How Might We Statement Image icon HMWstatement.JPG Pitch presentation
User testing of service prototype with another team member. Scenario: Imagine you are a mystery team meeting. File PrototypeTesting_Side01.mp4 Documentation of prototype