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Doc File Podklady.docx Documentation of prototype
DONE. :D PDF icon WFC.pdf Other
Photo Image icon IMG_20170219_104804.jpg Research data
Photo Image icon IMG_20170219_111327.jpg Research data
Ready to prototype in cafés! Image icon WP_20170219_09_14_56_Pro.jpg Documentation of prototype
Finally some progress..! Image icon WP_20170218_17_10_22_Pro.jpg Service blueprint
Summary of collected data from interviews. Image icon WP_20170218_17_10_17_Pro.jpg Research data
Data from interviews and new ideas. File Dotazník v2 - plus závěry.docx Research data
Interview with a potentional customer. Image icon WP_20170218_12_15_48_Pro.jpg Research data
Localizing the problem. Image icon WP_20170218_10_14_49_Pro.jpg Research data
Work on the answer sheet. Image icon WP_20170218_11_19_40_Pro.jpg Customer journey