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We are killing the invisible killer - respiratory illnesses


Mask-IT-Smart is a high-class ultra useful mask that protects you from flu pandemic and air pollution.

It is made out of 3 layers (filters) - that can be changed when the filter gets dirty. In addition, there is an indicator on the mask that shows when is time to change the filters.

The first layer is printable so it can be modified to each person preferences. You can even make up your own mask on our website.

Our marketing strategy will start online and with innovative vending machines. The vending machines will be positioned in the most polluted places in the cities. From these vending machines, you can try fresh air from the mountains and easily see the difference of what you breathe.

Our main purpose is to fight against air pollution and respiratory illnesses from its root. Therefore, part of the profit will be donated to initiatives such as electrical car grid, sustainable ways of heating etc.

As a bonus you when you buy our product you will receive a free app that sends you alerts for high air pollution levels, if a flu pandemic is approaching or when it gets time to change your filters.


pROTOTYPE OF THE VENDING MACHINE Image icon 20170219_145533_resized.gif Documentation of prototype
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prototype Image icon 20170219_143444.jpg Documentation of prototype
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