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What are you up today?


A matching platform, inspired by the word "Hello", which get PEOPLE to get THERE!

It matches you with the right people, who are sharing your interests, goals, needs and feelings to experience a great event in your location.

A bonus is a weekly/monthly/yearly statistic of your progress and your interests.


Online platform Image icon Web Example.jpg Documentation of prototype
Mobile version of the app Image icon Pop in window.jpg Documentation of prototype
Main presentation PDF icon to+get+there PRESENTATION.pdf Pitch presentation
Video Intro File Hello.mp4 Other
photos Image icon IMG_20170218_131259.jpg, Image icon IMG_20170218_121546.jpg, Image icon IMG_20170218_115754.jpg, Image icon IMG_20170218_115507.jpg Customer journey
Functionalities of the platform Image icon IMG_20170219_133730.jpg Documentation of prototype
Prototype of the place to gathering together Image icon IMG_20170219_133759.jpg Documentation of prototype
Process of ideafication Image icon IMG_20170219_122531.jpg Other
Experiment Image icon IMG_20170219_133708.jpg Research data