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Anywhere Anytime

be there and be square


How to participate in events from anywhere


Our documentation of prototype File IMG_3468.mp4 Documentation of prototype
Our process PDF icon AnywhereAnytime.pdf Insights
The booking part of the service Image icon IMG_2474.PNG, Image icon IMG_2475.PNG, Image icon IMG_2476.PNG, Image icon IMG_2477.PNG, Image icon IMG_2478.PNG, Image icon IMG_2479.PNG, Image icon IMG_2480.PNG Documentation of prototype
insights Image icon IMG_3437.JPG Insights
Brainstorming Image icon IMG_3436.JPG Other
Business model -isch Image icon whatwegonnado.JPG Business model
Team Portraits Image icon teamPortraits.jpg Other
Customer Journey Movie take 1 Movie icon customerjourney_movie.MOV Customer journey
How the service works for the customer Image icon IMG_2457.JPG Customer journey
Defining and wip on concept development and business model Image icon IMG_2458.JPG Business model