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The Herocrats

Helping local heroes making change!


Why are people complaining so much? Because it is hard to go from complaint to action!

We are facilitating a Herocracy. Users go from urge, complaint or willingness, to action with the help of social connections with other passionate people and facilitation by a professional project manager, to make sure no improvement project in society do pour out in the sand.


Herocrats Pitch Movie icon trim.FE983FCE-D6C7-49D0-B884-C7A1BCDE8465.MOV Documentation of prototype
Service Blueprint for Herocrats Image icon Herocrats.jpg Service blueprint
App in action Movie icon trim.BEA43F86-53E1-4D3D-812A-5235208A70E4.MOV Documentation of prototype
Creating a prototype Image icon 20170219_142222.jpg Documentation of prototype
Developing prototypes Image icon 20170219_101810.jpg Documentation of prototype
Gathering user insights on the street Image icon 16830721_1440083582725661_3174563718377653037_n.jpg, Image icon 20170218_104701.jpg Insights