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Understanding each other - Exchange - Social


Gaining early feedback Image icon IMG_2154.JPG Documentation of prototype
Improving the initial concept Image icon IMG_2150.JPG Documentation of prototype
Interview in progress - gathering insights Image icon 5FAF4BBF-60A2-4770-ACC3-194C93D2E355.JPG Insights
Analyzing research data Image icon 7F4301DB-288B-4095-BDF3-E933A6677C06.JPG Research data
Trying to find out "How might we..." question Image icon IMG_2096.JPG Research data
Female Persona :-) Image icon IMG_2094.JPG Persona
Getting ready for prototyping iteration Image icon IMG_2145.JPG Documentation of prototype
Getting ready for interviews Image icon IMG_2059.JPG Research data
Ideation Image icon IMG_2121.JPG Other
Marco Image icon IMG_2092.JPG Persona
Feedbacks board Image icon IMG_2131.JPG Other
Reasearch outcomes Image icon IMG_2118.JPG Persona
Day 3 - prototype iteration Image icon IMG_2143.JPG Documentation of prototype