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Better City

Empowering citizens, improving the city, crowd funding, social funding, app, social platform,


Better City is an app/web platform that empowers the citizen to create an impact on the city that they live in!

This service interconnects citizen´s needs and solutions to solve problems on the city.
Those ideas are going to be voted by the community and the ones that have the most votes will then pass to project support!
It helps to join ideas and create projects. The community can use this app to turn the project into reality by supporting them through crowdfunding, collaborating with their skills or/and resources.
In project support users can crowd fund the project, donate their time or help on needed resources to fulfil the city needs.

Improving the city by the citizens empowering them to take actions on their cities.


Link to project video of user experience:


Storytelling Image icon FullSizeRender.jpg Customer journey
interview Image icon IMG_20170218_183559.jpg Insights
service bp Image icon IMG_20170219_113202.jpg Service blueprint
The structure of our business Image icon IMG_20170219_121757.jpg Business model
A day of prototyping Image icon IMG_20170218_161026.jpg Documentation of prototype
Jammed at Porto Service Jam.

Team members