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Mirror City

Live life at your own pace!


Uses existing infrastructures and technology. Through communicating sensors between people and cities infrastructures this technology would adjust those infrastructures to the users reality.


team photo Image icon IMG_8618.JPG Other
how things will work Image icon 20170219_141710.jpg, Image icon 20170219_141725.jpg, Image icon 20170219_141752.jpg, Image icon 20170219_141842.jpg, Image icon 20170219_141900.jpg, Image icon 20170219_141916.jpg Pitch presentation
our BMC Image icon 20170219_125142[1].jpg Business model
ideia diagram Image icon 20170219_124801.jpg Service blueprint
examples of services offered by our project Image icon 20170219_124831.jpg, Image icon 20170219_124823.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
our prototype Image icon IMG_3984.JPG, Image icon IMG_3985.JPG Documentation of prototype
talks with random people in the streets File 20170217_174154.mp4, Image icon 20170217_110848.jpg, Image icon 20170217_111728.jpg, Image icon 20170217_112542.jpg, Image icon 20170217_114525.jpg, Image icon 20170217_175944.jpg, Image icon IMG_3992.JPG Customer journey
interviews File 20170217_111800.mp4 Research data