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The world in your eye


We created a nano technology integrated in the human eye or provided as a wearable device which allows us to interact with a computer seamlessly. Visual outputs are seen as augmented reality (superimposed to real world as seen by user).

It's associated with an open source platform where different apps and services are available. A SDK is available that anyone can download and use to develop new services. The platform has an associated wiki which can be collaboratively edited by all contributors.

With the growth of the community in mind, our service fosters the building of relationships between neighbors by allowing and promoting the direct exchange of services between them based on geographical proximity. In these exchange zero money changes hands.

As partners we have the parish, the city hall and small local business, the first promoting events and registering the business entities. Businesses have paid profiles and individuals using the network can find them to engage in a traditional money transaction.


visual business model PDF icon VISUAL MODEL.pdf Business model
Video Presentation File i4I.mp4 Documentation of prototype
business model PDF icon VUSUAL MODEL.pdf Business model
BRAINWRITTING Image icon IMG-20170218-WA0028.jpg, Image icon IMG-20170218-WA0027.jpg, Image icon IMG-20170218-WA0022.jpg, Image icon IMG-20170218-WA0018.jpg, Image icon IMG-20170218-WA0015.jpg, Image icon IMG-20170218-WA0014.jpg, Image icon IMG-20170218-WA0013.jpg, Image icon IMG-20170218-WA0012.jpg, Image icon IMG-20170218-WA0005.jpg, Image icon IMG-20170218-WA0003.jpg Insights
STREET INTERVIEW Image icon IMG-20170218-WA0008.jpg, Image icon IMG-20170218-WA0006.jpg, Image icon IMG-20170218-WA0004.jpg Insights
STREET INTERVIEW Image icon IMG-20170218-WA0009.jpg Insights
STREET INTERVIEW File VID-20170218-WA0030.mp4 Insights
STREET INTERVIEW File VID-20170218-WA0031.mp4 Insights
BRAINWRITTING Image icon IMG_9533.JPG Insights
STREET INTERVIEW Image icon IMG_9526.JPG Insights
MINDMAP Image icon IMG_9513.JPG, Image icon IMG_9514.JPG Insights