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Culture Club

Creating a collaborative culture of storytellers and curious people


Create a collaborative culture between experts who are a library of life and people who want to learn more about a subject, such as art, literature or crime, whatever you like!


Platform to connect with people PDF icon MixnTell.pdf Documentation of prototype
Vídeo for the pitch File VID_20170219_144059.mp4 Pitch presentation
The story was Image icon IMG_20170218_164558.jpg Documentation of prototype
From isolition Tô integration Image icon IMG_20170218_164548.jpg Documentation of prototype
Giving feedback to other group Image icon IMG_20170218_162858.jpg Other
Prototype testing Image icon IMG_20170218_172146.jpg Other
Before, during and after Image icon IMG_20170219_132956.jpg Customer journey
General business model Image icon IMG_20170219_133345.jpg Business model
Prototype testing Image icon IMG_20170218_131308.jpg Other
Presenting project Image icon IMG_20170219_103431.jpg Other
Prototype testing File VID-20170218-WA0000.mp4 Other
Prototype to teste concept Image icon IMG_20170218_164206.jpg Documentation of prototype
Creating the prototype Image icon IMG_20170218_172820.jpg Other
Doing research Image icon IMG_20170218_113704.jpg Research data
Prototype testing File VID_20170218_182119.mp4 Other
Prototype testing Image icon IMG_20170218_182446.jpg Other
Prototype testing Image icon IMG_20170218_184024.jpg Other