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Platform - Porto Intercultural Matching System


Problem: Xenophobic perception on specific groups of immigrants
Intention: Creation of a platform where immigrants meet and match with people from Porto, with similar interests to learn from each others experiences.
Opportunity: Porto - Europe's Best Destinations, great hospitality of habitants of the North of Portugal, the new image of the city of Porto (PORTO.)
Added value: Cultural Exchange + Value people's skills
Target group: Portuense families + Immigrants in Porto


Final presentation of the project Movie icon trim.7070C614-958C-43B1-B608-FCDD86413F50.MOV Pitch presentation
Final presentation PDF icon Hello_Integrating new people in Porto..pdf Pitch presentation
Final presentation PDF icon Hello_Integrating new people in Porto..pdf Pitch presentation
Our final storyboard! Image icon 7414257A-E3C2-4B05-86FD-266DC776C5F3.jpg Customer journey
One minute pitch presentation this morning! Image icon 00DB5633-9A37-43C1-8154-482A8637296F.jpg Pitch presentation
New Storyboard of the customer journey Image icon IMG_7379.JPG Customer journey
Pilot testing of the prototype of our platform Image icon Pilottest1.JPG, Image icon Pilottest2.JPG, Image icon Pilottest3.JPG Documentation of prototype
Rapid Prototype platform Movie icon trim.02FDCFF1-A922-4868-9B24-6984562B947E.MOV Documentation of prototype
Prototyping Image icon IMG_0186.JPG Other
Storyboard of 2 versions of the immigrant integration service Image icon Storyboard1.JPG, Image icon Storyboard2.JPG, Image icon Storyboard3.JPG Customer journey
Interview notes Image icon IMG_0178.JPG Research data
Mind map Image icon IMG_0179.JPG Insights
Team TRAMMA Image icon IMG_0180.JPG Other
Sharing interview insights Image icon IMG_1037.jpeg Research data
First Pitch Image icon IMG_1030.jpeg Pitch presentation
Ideation Image icon IMG_1049.jpeg Insights
Intent Statement Image icon IMG_1053.jpeg Other
Field research Image icon IMG_0172.JPG Insights
Interviews Image icon IMG_0170.JPG Research data