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Connect by disconnecting!


Our project allows people who feel overwhelmed by constant connectedness with technology to temporarily disconnect and experience a series of enjoyable offline activities.

It is an app that guides users through a scavenger hunt performed with their phones turned to Airplane Mode, making them rely on offline way finding skills to reach each step in the hunt.

The goal is to reach each step in the hunt, which is given as a photographic or descriptive clue, at which point, as long as the user has not left the app at any point (which keeps the phone in Airplane Mode), they earn digital tokens. Once they have earned all the necessary tokens, a final location and time for the hunt is given.

At the final location, people who had participated in the hunt will gather and find a box full of swag (coupons, concert tickets, toys, etc...) as well as promotional offers (free/discounted beer and coffee, access to a food truck, etc...) and a chance to socialize with other participants interested in being disconnected for a while.