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Me2We - Connecting Citizens

A series of services that brings together people to create individual and collective benefit


The target of our project group was to work on different services that are capable to connect people (like neighbours, known or unnown) with each other in urban and rural areas in order to strenghten their relationships and create individual as well as collective benefits from this connection.

To sum it up: It's all about creating innovations that act as starting point or invitation to begin connection with each other.

During our jam session we worked out two major services, which are:

Service 1 - The so called "Dorf-o-Mat": An intelligent, interactive machine named "Hubert". Hubert is set up in public places in ordert to start interaction with people directly on the steets when they pass by. You are wondering how it works? That's perfect, because we created a great video to illustrate how this service interaction works in real live :)

Service 2 - "Mach mit!" (in English: "Join us!"): This service is set up as some sort of starter package which is sent to local citizens by mail or placed in front of their doors. Included in this package are some little helpers such as short introduction letter, forms, lists, how-tos and inspirations etc. in order to nudge people to start interacting with each other. This service can easily be provided by local communities, mayors or other local influencers. You will love it. It's great! Huge and we are THE BEST people to make it happen!


Just in case you are wondering who we are: The great team members of this huge, awsome, incredible and just f***ing amazing jam session were:

- Markus Gruber (
- Doris Em (
- Gabriele Bayer (

That's it folks! We love Service Design and jamming around!


Video presentation of "Mach mit!" - what it is, for whom and how it works in real life (Version 3.0) File Mach mit V3.mp4 Pitch presentation
This is a Service Presentation of how Dorf-o-Mat (in Version 3.0) works and is used by people File Dorf-o-Mat.mp4 Pitch presentation
Dorf-o-Mat Version 3.0 Image icon 20170218_184341167_iOS.jpg Documentation of prototype
Dorf-o-Mat Version 3.0 Image icon 20170218_155750746_iOS.jpg Documentation of prototype
Dorf-o-Mat with interactive and artificial intelligent named "Hubert" Image icon 20170218_184426389_iOS.jpg Documentation of prototype
Description of a starter package that can be sent to local citizens in order to start connecting Image icon WIN_20170219_103659.JPG Documentation of prototype
Process of how to use the Dorf-o-Mat (Version 1.0) File WIN_20170218_124051.MP4 Documentation of prototype
Prototype Dorf-o-Mat (Version 1.0) Image icon WIN_20170218_123811.JPG Documentation of prototype