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Fluid Politics

People want to vote experts or parties per policy field


People will be able to vote for an expert or party per policy field - and they will be able to change that choice constantly

Here you find our prototyp ballot paper in google docs:
Prototyp 3

Prototyp 4


prototype 6 in action File GSJam_Fluid Politics_Prototyp 6_Film.mp4 Documentation of prototype
insights of prototype 1-4 Image icon gsjam insights documentation.jpg Insights
prototype 5 File GSJam fluid politics prototype 5 head.docx Documentation of prototype
Prototype 4 File Prototype 4.pptx Documentation of prototype
Prototype 3 File Prototyp Version 3.docx.docx Documentation of prototype
Prototype 1 - video Movie icon IMG_9215.MOV Documentation of prototype
Prototype 2 - result File Prototyp Version 2.0.docx Documentation of prototype
Prototype 2 Image icon fullsizeoutput_485.jpeg, File Prototyp Version 2.0.docx Documentation of prototype
First hypothesis Image icon IMG_2254.JPG, Image icon IMG_2257.JPG, Image icon IMG_2255.JPG, Image icon IMG_2256.JPG Other
First Prototyp Image icon IMG_2258.JPG, Image icon IMG_2239.JPG, Image icon IMG_2241.JPG, Image icon IMG_2242.JPG, Image icon IMG_2244.JPG, Image icon IMG_2244.JPG Documentation of prototype