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Students co-create and exchange for a new world...

Recognizing value to innate creative abilities in students and cross-fertilization


Create experimental experience in afternoon sessions for students in school to enhance natural gifts and increase cultural competences in communication, creativity, and games computer literacy, targeted social networks and internet research for study purposes to let their innate creative capabilities emerge, gain value and be shared with other students of all nationalities, schools and gifted researchers who bring their creative experience into the school world.

The problem to be solved is the underlying tendency of the average school institutions to flatten creative capabilities of the gifted students into rigid school protocols and to overcome the feeling of personal isolation suffered by failing students who cannot gain advantage from any side (gifted schoolmates, internet, teachers, textbooks, etc.) Unfortunately the failing students have to rely on expensive private lessons and take a long time to regain a satisfactory performance.

The solution provided by our project should help avoid the long and expensive fate of the failing student creating a hyperconnected value generating organism of self-sustained resources (gifted schoolmates, internet, teachers, textbooks, researchers, etc).

The name of this cross-fertilizing experience platform would be Do-Do (standing for Digital Organism Doing Ontology) that would be used in the afternoon classroom sessions with tutors to develop student competences in the use and exchange experience.


pitch presentation File Student co-create and exchange for a new world.pptx Pitch presentation
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