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being tourist in your city


avoid alienating common citizen in daily life, finding tips from other culture's community


Flavio Image icon IMG_2945.JPG Persona
Kit Image icon IMG_2944.JPG Documentation of prototype
official presentation File _presentation_MyCityJourneys DRAFTISSIMO.pptx Pitch presentation
Totem/sticker Image icon IMG_2937.JPG Documentation of prototype
Logo Image icon my_city_journey-01.jpg Other
Video trial Movie icon Documentation of prototype
our pink filter to highlight Eritrean neighborhood Movie icon Insights
our yellow filter to highlight Indian neighborhood Movie icon Insights
MOCKUP MYCITYJOURNEYS.COM Movie icon trim.776C5896-9764-4AA1-934A-FE8426EE7085.MOV Documentation of prototype
WIP Image icon IMG_2902.JPG, Image icon IMG_2903.JPG, Image icon IMG_2904.JPG, Image icon IMG_2905.JPG, Image icon IMG_2906.JPG, Image icon IMG_2907.JPG, Image icon IMG_2912.PNG Other