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Public Transportation / Freeride / Youth / Rome


Contrast youth's abitude to freeride on Rome's public transportations by engaging them allowing to share GIFs from a closed selection (to avoid racist/homophobic messages). It will be possible to share the GIFs onscreen on the buses only after buying the ticket. It will be completed with points and prizes that will engage the final user furthermore. We believe that GIF sharing engagement will incentivize users to buy tickets changing their attitude.


User Touchpoint - An app which will engage young users by allowing them to share GIFs from a closed market (to avoid racist/homophobic messagges) after they buy and use their digital ticket Image icon 5.jpeg, Image icon 6.jpeg, Image icon 7.jpeg, Image icon 8.jpeg, Image icon 9.jpeg, Image icon 10.jpeg, Image icon 11.jpeg, Image icon 12.jpeg, Image icon 13.jpeg, Image icon 14.jpeg Service blueprint
Brainstorming Cluster Image icon 4.jpeg Documentation of prototype
Problem Statement and Service Hypotesis Image icon 2.jpeg, Image icon 3.jpeg Documentation of prototype
Problem Statement Image icon 1.jpeg Documentation of prototype