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Security for people who live in remote areas


Tiriva is a network to connect people in remote areas, who live nearby, with the focus on security issue. The idea is to discourage the action of thieves through a connected and united community. In Tiriva, the use of technology will be a detail, but the base will be a platform in the cloud and an app, but communication between neighbors can be made by phone, fireworks, radio or even by cameras and sensors.


Guto Bellusci, Rosi Sabino, Luiz Henrique Jofre e Marcello Gomes Farias.
Thanks to Hub Genial!


The team! Image icon IMG_6166.JPG Other
Business Model in Mind Map (in portuguese, sorry) PDF icon Tiriva Busines Model Mind Map.pdf Business model
creating a point of view and setting the personas Image icon IMG_6147.JPG Persona
Ideation Image icon IMG_6111.JPG Other