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The VillAge

One stop shop for seniors with young souls to live a fulfilled life.


An inclusive space that connects senior citizens with solutions to live a fulfilled life where they can show and offer their own talents as well as collaborate with likeminded seniors to co-evolve the space.
The space will be as much as possible run by senior, for seniors. Creating a space for them to keep adding value to their lives and society.
For example there will be a dance class given by a seasoned dancer, there may be also a knitting workshop specially designed for grandmothers.


More or less the final map of the center with all the services included Image icon IMG_20160227_142016148.jpg Documentation of prototype
Our architect sketching the map of the center Image icon IMG_20160227_140233407.jpg Documentation of prototype
Some of the earlier alternatives for the service, we thought about adding them up and create a service to include all of these minorities. Image icon IMG_20160227_130513268.jpg Other
Some of the highlights of the research Image icon IMG_20160227_130502083.jpg Insights