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HMW...awareness of water consumption



HMW...increase community members awareness of their individual water consumption so that they take action to reduce their global footprint.


Testers testing our prototype Image icon IMG_2382.JPG Customer journey
Our Insight Statement Image icon IMG_20160227_150306441_HDR.jpg Insights
3d Prototype Material Image icon IMG_5115.JPG, Image icon IMG_5114.JPG Documentation of prototype
Complete Experience Map Image icon IMG_5107.JPG Customer journey
Initial Experience Map Image icon IMG_5105.JPG Customer journey
Persona: Chris Image icon IMG_20160227_150328189_HDR.jpg Persona
Brainstorming Insights (Watch out for the Abuinator) Image icon IMG_20160227_163036930.jpg Insights
Post-It Bonanza Image icon IMG_20160227_145013.jpg Other
Adjusted HMW Image icon IMG_20160227_145707683.jpg Other
Original how might we statement Image icon IMG_20160227_090506249_HDR.jpg Other
HMW Image icon Water.jpg Documentation of prototype