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Have no fear, Smell the adventure!


In a short engaging experience we tap in to your hidden desires & let you discover something new, personalised to your subconscious wishes.
Instead of looking at pictures, we let you smell your adventure from cards with each an unique scent. Each card is connected to a certain experience what we have estimated using market research and analytic techniques. You only have to fill in your time slot and budget and off you go.
Experience first, reflect second


Prototype testing_3 Image icon 12787480_10153980635733464_1705340913_o.jpg Documentation of prototype
Prototype testing_2 Image icon 12767942_10153980635383464_1633454462_o.jpg Documentation of prototype
Group photo Image icon P2281769.JPG Other
Prototype testing_1 Image icon 12784606_10153916202003917_449385735_n.jpg Documentation of prototype
our first prototype testing Image icon 12782453_10153916177183917_1597441041_n.jpg Documentation of prototype
Business model canvas Image icon P2280013_new.jpg Business model