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Relive memories of people that are apart from each other


We create a service to relive precious moments.
This very important for people that are or will be temporary or permanently away from each other:
older people preparing their funeral, young people studying or working abroad, young children changing schools. Currently people adress this need to relive memories with photo albums, social media, post cards etc. However these solutions miss one or more of the following elements: the sensory experience including flagrance and sound, personal touch and the fact that the object is always close and staying. Imagine people would have a "teddy bear" that produces a smell when you touch the nose, generate a sound when you touch the ear and carries a picture in the stomach. In addition you can hold it and hug it.


Sebastien, Constant, Daniel, Matthijs, Cheyenne


Story and prototype Image icon IMG_20160228_141200.jpg, Image icon IMG_20160228_191234.jpg Pitch presentation