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Ripple Effect

Making Birmingham Flow


We asked people how does Birmingham flow? How can we use the power of the friendly, diverse and passionate communities to untap our unrealised potential?

Our aim is to find a way of amplifying our actions as individuals and small communities. Inspired by the idea of people throwing coins in fountains to make a wish, we thought of ways that people can contribute their ideas to change and improve their community.


Fountain Project Pitch File Brum Fountain Project.pptx Pitch presentation
A video to show the #BrumFountain project user journey Movie icon trim.3849C463-F8D6-4019-A037-290D8152B11F.MOV Customer journey
Refining the process... Image icon IMG_1025.JPG Documentation of prototype
#BrumFountain Image icon IMG_1022.JPG Other
A visualisation of a 'Fountain' event Image icon IMG_1020.JPG Documentation of prototype
An idea for how it might look... Image icon IMG_1019.JPG Service blueprint
What do people see, hear, do, think and feel? Image icon IMG_1018.JPG Insights
Documenting our findings from initial conversations with users Image icon IMG_1016.JPG Insights