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The Mystery of Sound; CityJam; Music Platform


We are a young, innovative team, aiming at improving Birmingham and other cities by providing an intuitive platform for musicians from all walks of life to express and foster their creativity. Let's Jam!


Photos and videos that document our process from brainstorming and gathering data to finalising the prototype. Image icon IMG_20160228_124027.jpg, Image icon IMG_20160228_123743.jpg, Image icon IMG_20160228_123635.jpg, File VID_20160228_123210.mp4, Image icon IMG_20160228_122906.jpg, Image icon IMG_20160227_174447.jpg, Image icon IMG_20160227_174411.jpg, Image icon IMG_20160227_174143.jpg, Image icon IMG_20160226_214046.jpg, Image icon IMG_20160227_174138.jpg Insights
City Jam Image icon image.jpg Research data