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Smart water meter - modern tamagochi.


Smart water sensors that you put on your tap or shower. You will get additional interactive panel with a cute fish as a main hero. The panel shows amount of water you've used. If you use too much water the fish will die.


Qiuck presentation overall ida File doug_uses_too_much_waterSD.mp4 Pitch presentation
Qiuck presentation overall ida File doug_uses_too_much_waterSD.mp4 Pitch presentation
Our mission Image icon 20160228_145055.jpg Other
Jane. Busy mum of four Image icon 20160228_142238.jpg Persona
Hine the flatter Image icon 20160228_142224.jpg Persona
The Smiths. Young family Image icon 20160228_142229.jpg Persona
Eric Image icon 20160228_142234.jpg Persona
Business canvas update Image icon akldgdj16_businesscanvas_2.0.JPG Business model
Customer journey update. Image icon akldgdj_nakeddesigners_customerjourney_2.0.JPG Customer journey
Defining Behavioral approach or analytics approach (metering) Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_WaterNarrowing.JPG Other
Prototype Customer Focus (discarded) Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_PrototypeCustomerFocus.JPG Business model
Value Proposition Canvas 2 (updated draft before 2nd validation and 2nd prototype) Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_ValuePropCanvas2.JPG Business model
Customer Journey Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_CustomerJourney.JPG Customer journey
Water Awareness Focus Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_WaterAwarenessFocus.JPG Other
Team Promise Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_TeamPromise.JPG Other
Street Interviews Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_Interviews.JPG Insights
Initial Topic Voting and Brainstorm Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_InitialBrainstorm.JPG Research data
Problem Definition, Outlining Customer Friction Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_CurrentStateFutureNeeds.JPG Business model
Teambuilding Image icon IMG-20160227-WA0001.jpg, Image icon IMG-20160227-WA0001.jpg Other
Guerrilla Feedback & Testing Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_FeedbackUsabilityTesting.JPG Research data
Fish Panel & Prototype Storyboard Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_SPrototypetoryboard.JPG Pitch presentation
Customer Insights and Initial Research to Persona formation Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_UserInsightandPersona.JPG Research data
Interviews and Insights Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_insights.JPG Insights
Persona 5 Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_persona5.JPG Persona
Persona 5 Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_Persona4.JPG Persona
Persona 3 Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_Persona3.JPG Persona
Persona 2 Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_Persona2.JPG Persona
Persona 1 Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_persona1.JPG Persona
Business Model Canvas (Development) Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_BusinessModelCanvasDev.JPG Business model
Value Proposition Canvas Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_ValuePropCanvas_Dev.JPG Business model
Value Proposition Canvas Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_ValuePropCanvasDev2.JPG Business model
Slogans Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_Slogans.JPG Pitch presentation
Storyboard 2 Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_Storyboard2.JPG Documentation of prototype
Rehearsal of Pitch Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_prototype_prep.jpg Documentation of prototype
Prototype Build Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_prototype_preparation.jpg Documentation of prototype
Prototype Testing Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_prototype_testing.jpg Documentation of prototype
Storyboard for Prototype Image icon aklgdj16_nakeddesigners_prototype_storyboard.jpg Documentation of prototype