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Help people eliminate distractions and increase productivity


An application in which:
1. One can make a list of tasks (short term, longterm, urgent, important, etc.)
2. Fix the amount of time to be spent on a certain app per day

3. Notify the user when excess time is spent on the app
4. Make suggestions for the user to perform the other tasks
5. predictive recommendations of the tasks based in priority

6. Self - impose a 'social media / entertainment' block out time that locks out all the pre-decided applications from usage for a fixed time.

Early prototype versions:

Revised (and final) prototype:


Group Picture! Image icon 2016-02-28 14.58.40.jpg Other
Freemium Model Image icon 2016-02-28 14.21.52.jpg Business model
Explaining the application and its benefits Image icon 2016-02-28 14.21.37.jpg Pitch presentation
Team working hard Image icon 12788943_10208798085377931_2108609472_o.jpg Other
Prototyping in Later stages Image icon 12789900_10208798092018097_16285233_o.jpg Documentation of prototype
Early Prototyping Image icon 12789984_10208798088738015_123504165_o.jpg Documentation of prototype
Persona and other descriptions Image icon 12787197_10208798088578011_1791730467_o.jpg Persona
Brainstorming Image icon 12768008_10208798086537960_234916133_o.jpg Research data
Description of key features File Pro App.docx Documentation of prototype
The problem statement Image icon 2016-02-27 18.17.11.jpg Research data