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Changing people's perceptions from a “community” of scary strangers to potential friends


#3PintEffect is a daily challenge that encourages you to create meaningful connections and overcome the fear of the approach

30 day challenge: that encourages people to overcome
their fear of approaching others and increase connections

Gamification: that brings about a gradual change of
attitude towards to people who share your locale: perception
changes from a “community” of scary strangers to potential friends

Partnerships: possibility to partner with cafes/restaurants to
offer people incentives to undertake more challenges (eg: 10%
off your coffee if you buy the person behind you coffee)

Ripple effect (splash): shift of perception = shift in society


Gen Chow @EthicalSuperG
Odebiyi Olaseni @senimii
Elena Silvestrini @ElleSilvestrini
Federica Bertoncini @FedeBrt
Jess Leitch
Mattia Tintori @MattiaTNTR


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