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Stress Stop

A pop-up stress releaser for commuting life


Day to day, we face with a lot of stress, whether at work, school, university, commute and etc. It is very difficult for people, especially in the busy cities, to relax because everything is always moving.
But....what if you can release stress and share it with someone without disrupting your daily agenda? Let us introduce you to the "STRESS STOP". A physical place provides live interaction either by meeting a stranger or online screen call or having an AI "stress free and forgiveness" conversation.


Initial research Image icon 12803215_955491271171711_3448025355218519653_n.jpg Research data
Ideation for elevator pitch Image icon 12799379_934872219967295_1833893750044405663_n.jpg Pitch presentation
Interviewee 9 Image icon 12806012_935221476599036_6521589950872058735_n.jpg Insights
Interviewee 8 Image icon 12803272_935221383265712_8891278594540135595_n.jpg Insights
Insight & feedback from people Image icon 12800339_935221259932391_6779365631150919387_n.jpg Insights
Interviewee 7 Image icon 10612855_935221369932380_6804933594458594342_n.jpg Insights
Interviewee 6 Image icon 10322766_935221626599021_2436882862262352931_n.jpg Insights
Initial Prototype Image icon 20160227_111600.jpg Documentation of prototype
Interviewee 5 Image icon 12805793_934871909967326_6740679590382092883_n.jpg Insights
Interviewee 4 Image icon 12804634_934871989967318_3207050366432766566_n.jpg Insights
Interviewees 3 Image icon 12801391_934871896633994_6948206677664591260_n.jpg Insights
Interviewee 2 Image icon 12509214_934871953300655_3658470981843637911_n.jpg Insights
Interviewee 1 Image icon 1915212_934871876633996_5089669061724463564_n.jpg Insights
The Prototype Image icon 20160228_135050.jpg Documentation of prototype
The Prototype Image icon 20160228_135043.jpg Documentation of prototype
Phone booth panel Image icon 12806029_935221156599068_1636260731494499186_n.jpg Documentation of prototype
Protoyping! Image icon 12806123_935221209932396_7861635546867535413_n.jpg Documentation of prototype
Mock-up of phone pad Image icon 12801106_935221146599069_2116444869633509693_n.jpg Documentation of prototype
Interviews and chat with people about stress and strenghts Image icon image.jpg Insights
The brain-storming ideas around mental health Image icon image.jpg Research data