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Jam Your Job

We match the real you to the job your didn't know you wanted


How can we make the process of finding your ideal job easy and/or fun?

Is it any wonder people are dissatisfied in their jobs when they are recruited on the basis of information that doesn’t matter?

Jam your Job takes what’s in your heart, your head, your gut, what you can do and where you’re going, to match the real you to the job you didn’t wanted.

Step back, try our 5 fun games! We will match your results to organisations and companies that ally with your values, your skills and your interests.


User interface Image icon IMG_0979.JPG Customer journey
Video: How Jam Your Job fits the theme! Movie icon DSC_0588.MOV Other
Presentation - the user interface File Jam Your Job.pptx Pitch presentation
Video - our 30 second pitch Movie icon DSC_0593.MOV Other